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Here's a few other things you should know...

  • Firstly, I think you're awesome. Thanks so much for supporting my Australian-owned-one-women-show-girl-boss-mumprenuer-small-business. ​

  • Please please PLEASE always supervise your little poppets when they are wearing hair accessories as some contain small parts. Never let young children sleep with headbands on or clips in as they pose a choking hazard. Obvious stuff but, you know, I gotta say it.

  • All The Bow Lady products are spot clean only. Don't go chucking them into the washing machine please...although I can say that I have accidentally washed a few Little Twinkle bows in my time and they have lived to tell the tale. Probably best you don't test that yourself though.

  • I aim to get all orders shipped as soon as I can (within 1-2 days) BUT I am also a mother of three kids aged 9 and under (that kinda speaks for itself) and run this business by myself so sometimes there may be a delay. I will send you a message though if there is any delay.

  • You can clearly see I do my product photography (I want to keep costs down for you!) so while every effort is made to get the colour of each bow true to real life, some bows may appear differently on your screen as they do in real life. Soz about that. 

  • This website building program has no spell check function. So although I have checked through it a few (many many) times, I am sure you'll find mistakes.. This horrifies me...however after too many years at home with my children singing nursery rhymes and wiping grot off surfaces all day, my brain has gone mushy. Please laugh, ignore my spelling errors for the moment and know that I wil fix any mistakes in time.

  • Feel free to contact me via "Contact Us' if you are searching for something that is not on the website or out of stock. You can also email me at voilakelly@hotmail.com. Sometimes not all of what I have available is listed on my website as I keep some stock for markets only.

  • Please ensure you write your correct phone number on your order as Australia Post will send you tracking details directly to your phone.

  • Ok, time for you to buy some bows...